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Recover your past investments!
Demand2Plan proposes to take advantage of your investments in Advanced Planning Systems (APS): rather than investing in a new risky project, we improve your system, turning past expenses into profits for today!

Cost reduction and Growth
We continue to provide highly competitive and innovative solutions to improve customer service, to reduce operational costs and inventories and to strictly limit IT costs at mandatory level. We offer sustainable continuous improvement process.

The toolkit is getting better…
Thanks to our Research and Development, community planning system, our ARM framework and our collaborative tools continue their developments. We always advise our clients on the best mature commercial business solutions.

Our vision

To fulfill its Mission in the long term, in a professional way, Demand2Plan structures its activities around five Themes:

- Research : constant monitoring and development of Tools and Methodologies, by our Engineers and a network of Researchers and Academics

- Training : initial and life-long Education on Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering, based on our Data Books Knowledge Objects, from research and experiences

- Consulting : studies, assistance with Project Management or Project Management (delegated) for the design, implementation, improvement and maintenance of Demand Management and Planning processes

- People performance : a dynamic - and innovative ! - Talent Management to ensure that Demand Management and Planning teams will achieve their mission with a high level of performance over time

- Infrastructure : provide ready-made solutions through modules available "off the shelf" solutions and outsourced

Research Innovation (D2P Research)

Research Innovation activity carries out a permanent technology watch and proposes the development of tools and methodologies. It is the continuation of past centuries formalization of the concepts of supply chain management and demand planning.

These works take inspiration, structure and enrich the Institute, Business Consulting, and Infrastructure activities.

They are initiated and made by the members of the Demand2Plan network, and also by a network of researchers in the context of joint researchs financed by Demand2Plan.

Training Institute (D2P Institute)

Demand2Plan offers customized training on Industrial Engineering & Management tools and methodologies.

With our french state agreement(*), we can accompany you in your continuing training (full or partial financing possible in France).

We build with you a customized training by building on our knowledge objects (our "Data Books") from our research and our experiences.

Our trainers are experienced professionals. They use all available materials:
- An proven training engineering methodology
- Rich and clear training media
- The practical learning through practical exercises, work-sites, case studies, rapid prototyping, role playing ...
- Flexibility in configuring the training plan: self-training (eLearning), face-to-face training, action training

With the aim of transmitting knowledge, we also carry the initial training.

(*) Demand2Plan is registered under number 82 38 04663 38 from the regional Prefect of the Rhône-Alpes. This registration does not constitute approval of the State. Demand2Plan is certified in french quality database Data-Dock.

Business Consulting (D2P Business Consulting)

The Business Consulting activity proposes three different classes of interventions in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management : studies, program and project management, system and business engineering

Their scope covers the design, the implementation, the improvement and/or the maintenance of the processes of companies management, to give or preserve the competitive advantage of our customers

The relationships with the Research Innovation activity - in order to industrialize and implement the innovations - and with the Institute activity - in order to share the innovations - are narrow and permanent

People Performance (D2P People Performance)

How to be sure that the teams who manage the supply chain and demand management processes will be powerful and carry out their mission with an high level of performance in medium term and in long term also ?

How to guarantee to organizations this powerful management with a strict control of costs while giving to individuals a long run visibility with motivating wages and professional carreers ?

It is exactly the purpose of the dynamic and innovating talent management which is proposed by the People Performance activity

Infrastructure (D2P Infrastructure)

The Infrastructure activity proposed ready-to-use as modules available “on the shelf” or ASP-mode externalized modules These solutions are based on the best available technologies to enhance market solutions, in particular in the field of optimization tools They are proposed at a reasonable cost and are intended to provide values for everyone who need them.
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