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Recover your past investments!
Demand2Plan proposes to take advantage of your investments in Advanced Planning Systems (APS): rather than investing in a new risky project, we improve your system, turning past expenses into profits for today!

Cost reduction and Growth
We continue to provide highly competitive and innovative solutions to improve customer service, to reduce operational costs and inventories and to strictly limit IT costs at mandatory level. We offer sustainable continuous improvement process.

The toolkit is getting better…
Thanks to our Research and Development, community planning system, our ARM framework and our collaborative tools continue their developments. We always advise our clients on the best mature commercial business solutions.

D2P:       A three letters accronym for DEMAND2PLAN

Demand2Plan (D2P) imagines, designs, builds, maintains and improves the Forecasting, the Planning, the Management and the Control of Business Operations

D2P industrialize your ways of doing and implement best practices and best market solutions

D2P is a team of specialists, not generalists

D2P mission as a partner in Industrial Engineering and Management is to help drive sustainable Efficiencies and improve Profitability.D2P actions focus systematically on three dimensions that are teams, processes and systems

D2P stakeholders serve your best interests in their area of competence with the best tools and methodologies in perfect objectivity and independence and at a reasonable cost


Demand2Plan a limited liability company with a capital of 260 000 €

President: Gilles Manon
Vice-President: Guy Ollagnon
Headquarter : Centre d'Affaires l'Etoile - 2, rue Victor Hugo – 38490 Les Abrets en Dauphiné – FRANCE
SIRET 512 857 756 00021 - RCS Vienne 512 857 756
N° intra-community VAT FR20 512 857 756
Code APE 7022Z
French Training Agreement Number 82 38 04663 38. This is not a state agreement.
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